The Sun is now in Libra 1°

Current Sabian Symbol:

A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.

23:59 hours until the next

Welcome to the page of Ruby Fumizki,
artist and astrology researcher


Series of Sabian Symbols

Drawing to bring out the immanent values of the 360 degrees of poetic knowledge hidden within the area of astrology known as Sabian Symbols. Please see list on artworks page or daily symbols on Instagram. Described Sabian Symbols here.

Series of Applic Universe

The transmigration of universe inspired by the apple and geometry. The works are here.

Welcome to Sabian Journey

On a journey
with Sabian Symbols.
They poetically divide each
Zodiac Sign like a prism brightly
splits light. Would you like
to join me? Find yours
with the Sabian
It is


Sabian Calculators

Sabian Calculator

In case of the time is unknown, displaying lists of possible Sabian Symbols

Pentagram Calculator

Sabian Symbols among multiples of 72˚ relationship

About me

Hello! I’m Ruby Fumizki.
Professionally, I’m a programmer and yet I also have a love of drawing, which at the moment I use as part of my Astrology research. Born in Sapporo in 1985, my childhood was all about my painting and a study of divination; yet when I was 17, I came to realise that I had no real idea what I wanted to draw.

So I started to travel within Japan, and later to other countries, working and interacting with different people and experiencing their many diverse perspectives – on life and art – in order to find something inspiring that I wanted to draw.

I took up my painting again in 2013 when I was looking at an apple! I felt that I would try to draw a representation of the movement of the universe. I kept at this for a while, and also did some studies with flowers until recently when my special study of the Sabian Symbols began – with a vision of an ascending butterfly at the Autumn Equinox 2018. (Sabian Symbols are 360 detailed images within Astrology)

About Astrology

Astrology is a method both for psychological insights and divination that links the position and movement of the Sun, Moon and planets with human behaviour and events within society. When we read a person's character using Astrology, we create a chart from their time and place of birth; this is called a ‘horoscope’.

About Sabian Symbols

Whereas mainstream Astrology divides the zodiac into 12 parts of 30 degrees (each like a slice of pizza), we can look into greater detail with 360 Sabian Symbols. Each degree is assigned an image, its ‘Sabian Symbol’, which is a description of a picture having an interpretation of its hidden, metaphorical meaning. For example, the Sabian Symbol of Libra 1° is ‘A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it’, which can mean to express yourself particularly clearly; it represents a sociable, balanced aspect of Libra.